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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Apologies for deleting story, but.....

 Hi all;

   If you're wondering what happened to the story, "A Mouse Named Pinky" I had to delete it. I had a story all mapped out complete with an idea of how I wanted it to end, and then all of it fell apart.

   See, for a writer, CHARACTER is EVERYTHING.  The personality of a character makes all the difference in how a story is shaped. In this case, the characters weren't mine, so I have to go with what I know and what I've suspected all along.  This cinched it.

   In order to write the story I was planning, I had to believe Brain had a modicum of decency and wanted to make things right with Pinky's family.  It would be on a par with believing Charles Manson would run into a burning house to save a puppy. Again, it's about CHARACTER.  Brain is a Mao/Hitler/ Saddam wanna-be. So the idea that this future  ruthless dictator would also be an abuser of a naive, kind-hearted mouse is hardly a surprise.

   As I write this, I'm listening to the movie Small Sacrifices, with Farrah Fawcett; based on the story of a woman who shot her kids to hold onto a guy. She couldn't care less about who she had if she coul'dn't have what /who she wanted.  It was all about her.  Same deal with Brain.

   Okay, so the idea of comparing a real life nutcase to a cartoon character seems a smidge 'silly'  , then again, the writers for Pinky and the Brain were stellar so you have real , honest to God personalities, This creative excellence has its good and bad side, depending on the 'people' you're dealing with. And while the foundational layer for Pinky and the Brain was inspired by Tom Minton and Eddie Fitzgerald,  I can't help but wonder who or what else contributed to the make-up of those personalities. There are complexities that aren't common in 'kids' shows. THAT is what has me as angry as I am mystified.  How many kids shows have would-be villains who model themselves after real life dictators?  Most cartoony bad guys are happy just to have what the good guys have.... a key to some secret. Magic shoes, A gold, talking flute. Whatever.  Brain, on the other hand, wants the worship of the world, and is perfectly happy to sacrifice the kindness and respect of the only real friend he will likely ever have.

   The only good news about the heartless treatment of Pinky is that,  if only in theory, eventually, Brain (and the Brain's of the world) will get back what they dish out.  Natural law dictates 'What Goes Around Comes Around'.

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